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Fyron Men’s Farmacy

Dee Brock, 28 years old.

About to buy my second bottle. Nothing exciting to report but with only 3 weeks of use I’m not expecting a miracle. Excited for the end product after another 21 days.

Joel Osborn, 45 years old.

Used with stak and felt better overall with a mild strength increase.

Bryce Schmitt, 35 years old.
Took the 42 day cycle and I’ve got a week left. Gained 9 pounds so far and I’m going to say this contributed to it greatly. Always had great pumps and never wanted to leave the gym when taking it.
Enoch Castillo, 39 years old.
I am just under 40 years old trying to get back into shape and as a shot in the dark decided to try this product…All I know is I’ve never had anything like it and the benes go way beyond the gym!

Fyron Men’s is an excellent

Fyron Men’s Original

Curt Zavala, 54 years old.

worked really well! I felt very strong while on this stack, and recovered well from my work outs.

Otto Hickman, 54 years old.
Good product Excellent.
Herman Cisneros, 54 years old.
First week didn’t really notice anything but coming into the third week I’m blowing up PR’s. It seems like it should be used as two cycles like recommended. I just ordered another box.
Lewis Floyd, 34 years old.
Lifted heavier, noticeably got bigger, ate like crap but still didn’t gain that much … lost some strength after but i felt less motivated after the cycle was over. this stuff is crack.
Royce Villarreal, 41 years old.
This was great definately could tell that it was working. I was though and had a good going. Could tell better results and it did make me more focused.
Tom Cameron, 47 years old.
This product works for me. I gain more mass and lift more weights with in two weeks. Compare this product to other. I prefer this one. I get my result fast.

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