C'est le moment du nettoyage de printemps, mais n'en faites pas trop. Vous êtes probablement déjà trop propre, à l'intérieur comme à l'extérieur. En 1976, un film avec John Travolta intitulé "Le garçon dans la bulle de plastique" racontait l'histoire d'un enfant né avec un système immunitaire qui ne fonctionne pas correctement, ce qui l'empêche d'entrer en contact avec le monde extérieur.

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It looked far fetched in 1976 that anything could happen but our contemporary super-clean planet may, in actuality, be creating countries full of people disabled by weakened immune systems. The number of people with asthma, allergies and other immune disorders is skyrocketing. Homes are now almost . Our bodies seldom come into contact with bacteria or mould or mildew. Kids do not even go outside and play in the dirt any longer.

Things are just too clean. As an , you’re born germ-free. Even the fantastic digestive bacteria which our bodies rely upon must be obtained after birth. The body has to be exposed to germs to be able to strengthen its immune system, just like your muscles need exercise to get powerful. As the old saying goes “use it or lose it”. Then there’s the issue of how we eliminate the germs.

Toxic substances are used on virtually every surface in our homes, our offices and public spaces; substances we breathe into our lungs and absorb through our skin to our blood, further adding to the toxic burden. So, the next time you wash, rather than using toxic chemicals, use “green” cleaning products. They’re better for your body and better for the environment. Most everyone is now quite knowledgeable about the way the improper use of antibiotics has created -resistant breeds of viruses but most individuals are unaware that using antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers, rather than good old soap and warm water, has spawned superbugs such as (XXDR) TB.

Our mouths are also lacking the bacteria necessary to operate properly (tooth decay is contemporary problem). Like antibiotics, antiseptic mouthwashes destroy all the bacteria in your mouth indiscriminately – not just the few that cause bad breath. A healthy oral bio-film, one that may fight tooth decay, comprises countless germs. After meals, simply rinse with plain water to maintain the pH in the mouth and the good bacteria doing their jobs. If you have to use something more powerful, use hydrogen peroxide (a compound your body naturally produces) rather than . Flossing, of course, is also a fantastic idea.

A propos de la nourriture

Food is too clean now also. The foods we eat are almost dead. Not only are they devoid of harmful bacteria but they’re also lacking vitamins, , and enzymes. This provides a double whammy. Commercial farming, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, choosing foods until they have ripened, feed (that frequently contains antibiotics, hormones and Genetically Modified Organisms) given to animals rather than organic grasses, additives, fortifiers, artificial sweetener, preservatives, and the worldwide shipping of vegetables and from all over the world all supply us with foods lacking in the fundamental building blocks vital for good health.

The yeasts (beta-glucans) that our bodies used for thousands of years to trigger our immune defenses have been eliminated from the foods available to us too. Our immune systems are now essentially sleeping on the job. In regards to food, 1 response is named LOIS. Foods which are Local Organic and In Season comprise the best nutrition. The nearer to organic, the better foods are for our own bodies. Raw and raw foods are best. So, eat those LOIS fruits, vegetables and nuts. To get beta-glucans back into your system, you can MonaVie’s brand new juice blend called (M)mÅ”n. So, the overriding message is to return to nature and, when cleaning, think again before you sterilize your surroundings. You could be causing the problem you’re attempting to prevent.