When you think of home, what comes to mind is a place of relaxation, , , serenity, and joy. Is it? But do you realize that your house may have over a dozen hidden dangers that may turn it into a place of doom in the blink of an eye? In 2009 in England and Wales, alone, 7,475 people aged 65 and over died from home accidents, with 49 percent of those were caused by falls.

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Les accidents domestiques impliquant des personnes âgées sont devenus une grande préoccupation pour les institutions gouvernementales et les autorités, car certains d'entre eux sont évitables. Mais à cause de la complaisance, de la négligence ou de l'ignorance, ces personnes se retrouvent dans les salles d'urgence ou connaissent une mort prématurée. Pour éviter de devenir une figure dans les statistiques des blessures à domicile, ces conseils sont extrêmement utiles pour vous ou vos proches.

Ayez tous les numéros de contact de vos enfants, de vos proches, du 911, les pompiers, votre médecin personnel ou un centre d'aide au suicide. Placez cette liste dans votre portefeuille ou dans un endroit protégé et facilement accessible, ou encore dans la liste des contacts de votre téléphone. Si vous êtes doué pour la haute technologie, chargez des applications dans votre téléphone afin de pouvoir les contacter rapidement et sans effort. Ne les prenez pas à la légère.

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Keep items on kitchen counter tops so that you won’t need to reach up when you want them. In 2010, 143 people died in the U.K. Don’t try to douse a fire when it’s already started. Burns and scalds can come from radiators, cookers, kettles, spa, or perhaps a cup of hot chocolate you drink before going to bed during the night. Don’t take this lightly. Contact burns among people over 65 can be deadly if they get infected. Arrange your coffee or tea utensils as close to each other as possible.

Lorsque vous prenez une douche, commencez toujours par ouvrir le robinet d'eau froide, avant d'ouvrir progressivement le robinet d'eau chaude pour éviter les brûlures.

Votre salle de bain est-elle sûre ?

Bathrooms, as little as they are, are large when it comes to home accidents. Accidents happen around the bathrooms, shower stalls, and bathtubs. Have your mobile phone nearby to dial an emergency number if you want to. Seniors are particularly prone to poisoning due to poorer and reduced metabolism. Accidental poisoning or overdose occurs in case you’ve got no adequate of your prescription medications, or taking medication not intended for you. Storing partially opened canned products too long at the ref may also cause food poisoning. Don’t’ stretch your food budget too thin to eat rancid or moldy foods. This may give you food poisoning, too. Never with drugs. Don’t take drugs of others simply because you’ve got the same illness. Different individuals respond to medications differently. Last year I ate something at dinner which gave me a serious case of food poising. I had diarrhea beginning 5am in the morning, until late in the day. Every hour on the hour, I had to hurry to the restroom to release.