We’re subjected to so much misinformation and influence by drug company advertisements and our mainstream physicians all of us think the only way to deal with any cancer is by cutting it out with , burning it out with or having a toxin to attempt to eliminate it by using chemotherapy The focus now is to take out the cancer as fast as possible no matter what the cost to a patient’s health.

Mitä tapahtuu?

A person recently diagnosed with cancer is numb with shock and and each individual asks the same question, WHY ME. They’re also conscious of the awful treatments and the ordeal they need to go through with those remedies. If there was a better way to deal with the disease or understood what had caused it. What we’re not being told is that there are better ways to take care of all cancers. Of course the simplest way to deal with cancer is to put yourself in your doctor’s hands and hope for the best outcome but the best way to deal with cancer is to educate yourself and begin taking responsibility for your own wellbeing.

The causes of cancer are well known and there are natural ways to take care of it which are easy, effective, non toxic, work with all cancers and most of all inexpensive. Our physicians who treat cancer patients are trained by a system which only teaches them what the system wants them to understand. Also our current treatments for cancer are very rewarding and why would they need to change that. I understand that doctors are hard working and compassionate when working with patients but they’re not the ones in charge of the cancer market. So their tools of trade to take care of it are just surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.


They won’t imply or use anything else and that’s the law. The causes of cancer are many but the primary cause is that the food that we eat everyday. The first change any patient recently diagnosed with cancer would be to fix their diet. That is an absolute priority and the beauty of that is no body can make any money from it, unlike drugs. Our normal food is character and can’t be patented. That’s why no one will say about it.

Cancer is merely a disorder of the immune system or more accurately a disease of an immune system that’s been diminished by our modern means of living. The immune system did not destroy mutant cancer cells inside the body as it was supposed to. So does it make sense to put a poison in your body that weakens the immune system does it make sense to fortify the immune system and allow that system to resist and take out the cancer, which it will do. Our current treatments for cancer aren’t working because the cancer rate is still climbing since they’re only treating the cancer growths rather than treating the entire body. That’s why it often returns, they have not handled the condition inside the body that allowed the cancer to grow in the first location.


By removing a number of the things which have caused the cancer to grow, that will enable the immune system to strengthen and also the best way to do that is with our normal food and other lifestyle changes. A rigorous natural diet is of utmost importance. Cancer naturally is a deficiency disease which weakens the immune system. Throughout history there have been many deficiency diseases that have baffled mankind and the only way to heal these were to cover the deficiency. Some examples are scurvy, pellagra, pernicious anemia and rickets and it is not possible to treat those with a . Cancer is the same; it is not some mysterious ailment that science can not fathom.