Aging is an extremely complicated procedure. Unraveling its many aspects has been the work of countless biological researchers for decades. · the use of nutrition. In more recent research, the use of genetics has been evaluated together with genetic modification into the cells of the human body. There are a few geneticists who believe that 100 years down the study street, human aging could be stopped entirely and provide virtual immortality to those who select it.


This report isn’t going down that street. Here, we’re looking at what the recent studies have revealed in regions that we can really do something about on a daily basis to expand the quality of and the period of life second. What researchers have found is a fascinating correlation between achieving high quality of life and length of life. If we can enhance the energy and energy and , longer life spans have been attained. Once we’ve attained a more vibrant quality of life, there are still many things we can do for ourselves to slow the aging process in our brains, skin and other cellular tissues of the body.

Perhaps the most overlooked area in enhancing quality of life is improving quality and amount of time asleep. A research demonstrates the “inevitable toxification by biological ‘garbage’ known as bio-metabolites.” According to Dr. Yin, the more stress and disease a person has, the more of the’garbage’, as he describes it, builds up in our systems causing age spots and lens cataracts. The detoxifier or cleaning procedure is sleep. Inadequate sleep entails insufficient elimination of this toxic garbage, which makes sleep a biochemical necessity to combating the aging procedure.

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The huge pharmaceutical companies have latched on to this study and generated hypnotic drugs which help induce sleep and maintain the consumer asleep for eight or more hours. These drugs are frequently used but not without some severe side effects. Among these side effects are sleep , sleep driving and sleep food binging with almost no memory to the time period spent in these activities. Such side effects may be life threatening. There are natural sleep aids which are altogether safe.

Some have been exposed to human clinical double blind study studies. These studies have shown the efficacy of the product in addition to the safety. There are, in actuality, a multiplicity of different advantages that appertain to those products. The role of in aging is closely linked to the diseases of aging. The diseases of aging are closely linked to body pH that’s the degree of acidity or alkalinity of the body. If there’s an acidic prejudice, under 7.0, in the body, cell walls thicken. This thickening is caused by excessive phosphoric acid in the body.

Phosphoric acid

It is a product of protein digestion. When phosphoric acid levels build up, it’s deposited as acid salts in cellular tissues causing the mobile walls to thicken. The thickening of the mobile walls makes the absorption of water and nutrients by the cell more challenging. Additionally, it makes the elimination of toxic waste from the cell more challenging. As cells dry out as a result of poor absorption of aging, water occurs in cells. This systemic aging of cells leads to the aging of the human body.

The secondary problem due to this cellular aging is the lack of efficient and effective elimination of these toxic waste products generated from the cell. The toxins cause cellular inflammation. Chronic cellular inflammation is the principal cause of age-related disease. These diseases would include (S. Also affected by inflammation is the predisposition to obesity, insulin resistance and type II diabetes (G. A dual problem is produced in the obese person.

The fat tissue in the obese individual has been proven to generate high levels pro-inflammatory molecules of many types, compounding the inflammatory reaction. Obviously, one way to attack the diseases of aging is to get rid of weight to as near a normal weight (use life insurance or your physician’s weight graph ) as possible. To attack the inherent pH issue means reducing the acidity (pH level below 7.0) of the human body and to raise the alkalinity (a pH over 7.0) of the body. This necessitates the reduction of foods which cause the body to become more acid and also to improve the foods that move it toward the alkaline side of the spectrum.

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All meats, red meat particularly, move the body toward the acidic side of the scale. So do all dairy products. All these should be consumed in moderation. For instance, red meats a couple of times per week, poultry three or four occasions and fish the remaining servings. Fruits and vegetables, generally speaking, enhance the alkalinity of the body. The worst offender to raising the body’s acidity is soda pop. The quantity of acid in one twelve ounce can of soda pop is a lot more than sufficient to kill any human being.

Fortunately for soda pop drinkers, the body has a method of limiting the extreme reduction in pH. Or maybe, unfortunately, since it’s by far the most damaging material to the body ingested daily. If it were really fatal, it would be illegal and everybody would be healthier because of it. In an acidic physiological environment, pathogens like , molds, viruses, and yeasts multiply at very high rates until the acidity level gets down to around 2.5 (you’d be dead long before that!) . Below the 2.5 pH level these organisms will, for the most part, die. On the other hand, if your system is kept at an alkalinity of 7.2 to 7.6, the breeding rate of these pathogens is slowed to the point that a healthy immune system can easily fight of this disease.

This same mechanism is true in the development of cells.A properly preserved alkalinity will stop cancers cells from multiplying at a rate higher than a healthy immune system can destroy them. This fact was proved as long ago as 1933 and its discoverer has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Another facet of the effects of pH turning back the clock is the rise in vital energy. Again the range is 7.2 to 7.6. At this level of alkalinity, there’ll be many thousands of times (no that is not an exaggeration) more oxygen in the body.


It is needed for virtually every physiological function. If someone builds a fire, the fuel is possibly wood but it is oxygen that causes the wood to burn. Eliminate the oxygen and the flame goes out. This same principle is true in cells. Hydrogen is burnt by oxygen. Burning hydrogen offers energy and vitality. The lower the oxygen level means less hydrogen becomes burnt, hence fatigue, low energy and less life force. To put it differently, increase the acidity of the body and reduce the very important energy available. Increase the alkalinity of the body and power up the very important energy necessary for that youthful feeling we are all searching for.

Increase the acidity and accelerate the degenerative process of aging. Increase the alkalinity of the body and put the brakes on the aging procedure. Pharmaceuticals are petro-chemicals made in the lab. Nutraceuticals are compounds found in plants that have a beneficial effect on biochemical processes within the body. Generally, nutraceuticals are a complex of components that act synergistically together. Frankly, there’s absolutely no pharmaceutical answer to these difficulties. Actually, drug companies aren’t interested in fixing these issues since they are in the company of treating disease symptoms, not treating the underlying disease cause.


If drug companies were to deal with the underlying causes of illness, they would quickly go out of business and the entire face of and pharmacology would be changed forever. The answers to these issues are in nutraceuticals. And most individuals don’t like the answers as it puts limitations in their . The reality is that most people today want red meat and soda pop over they need a long and healthy life. What the vast majority of people are searching for is the magic bullet to looking younger, not the true antidote to the aging procedure. The big cosmetic companies know that fact and they perform to it constantly.

The big cosmetic businesses help women look younger, but the market is to use known carcinogens into the skin in small but steady doses. The skin absorbs 60% of everything is applied to it (that is how nicotine stains, nitro patches for angina and several other kinds of patches work). The issue with these known carcinogens is they’re deemed safe at the levels used. What’s not taken into consideration is that the cumulative impact of long term use once the substances build up to toxic levels over time. Nevertheless, the real and a lot more significant issue with the entire approach is that there’s not any effect of slowing the aging process nor is there any impact on the elimination of the diseases of aging.

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What’s the advantage of appearing 45 if you still feel as though you’re 85 and you are likely to die of cancer or complications of diabetes and you are only 65? You will find safe, natural skin creams, lotions and ointments available through several vendors. But these still primarily deal with the symptoms of aging not the cause. The best response is a nutritional plan that addresses the dilemma of bodily acidity in the origin of the problem. Increasing the body’s alkalinity will help smooth these wrinkles and lines from the inside out. Once that process is underway, there’s absolutely not any harm in treating the outward signs of aging at exactly the exact same time provided that a safe, natural product is used. The next step for many is to remove the excess fat they take. Doing this will greatly improve their ability to maintain the alkalinity required to putting the brakes on the aging procedure. Additionally, it will go a very long ways in removal of the diseases of aging. That’s when the best of both worlds comes collectively, freedom from illness and the recovery of the energy and energy of youth as a result of literal slowing and reversing of the aging procedure.