Common sense is the first, most significant tool for staying healthy if those around you might be coughing and sneezing! Use plain and water as antibacterial soaps create resistant bugs. Of course coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your sleeve is also essential to prevent spreading the flu or a cold. This is quite important when fighting a cold or flu virus because bodily heat raises the activity of your .

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This is why a low grade is the body’s way of fighting illness and should not be immediately stopped. Getting into a warm tub and soaking is a excellent way to enable the heat to penetrate your body. A fatigued body can’t fight viral effectively! Your immune system is depressed when you are tired.

Avoid and Processed Foods – Alkalize! As I’ve mentioned previously – sugar depresses your immune system – precisely what you DON’T need to do. You need to maintain your pH balanced because disease, such as viruses, can’t reside in an oxygenated, alkaline atmosphere! Using a green such as spirulina is a excellent way to alkalize.

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Spirulina also increases levels of antibodies from the nose and mouth where these viruses gain entry! Stress is part of everyday life – when it becomes overwhelming and continuous, it breaks down your system which makes it less able to fight off invaders. There are various methods you can use – meditation and prayer are one of the very best and I suggest that you practice them every day.

Make it a point to practice an attitude of , grin and laugh and revel in every day. Laughter all alone is a powerful medication. Keeping your blood flowing, oxygenating your body and remaining strong will go a long way to keeping you healthy even when those around you appear to be falling like flies!

Exercise is a wonderful stress reducer, increases , makes you sweat, which releases toxins, which makes you breathe heavily so that you take in lots of oxygen also helps circulate lymphatic fluid moving toxins from your body. In actuality, some studies have demonstrated that regular, gentle rebounding (as little as 2-3 minutes 4 times a day) can stop the beginning of a cold.


The only caveat is that if you’re feeling tired or weak – do not overdo it or push yourself. Listen to your body. Make sure you drink sufficient clean water daily! I recommend one-half your own body weight in ounces daily as a minimum. Water helps your body detoxify itself and aids alkalize your system.