In this era, relaxation appears to be a fantasy or something sold on late night tv. Seems stress is the way to go. If you don’t need to be stressed somebody has something to sell you that will make you less stressed, but then again the debt of this sale will put you in a different stressful situation. Stress affects a growing number of people now due to our increasingly fast-paced society.

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The faster technology gets, the quicker our lives seem to get, and the more pressure and stress we feel. We’ve got a mobile phone, an ipod, a pda, a desktopcomputer, a laptop, even a cd player keeping us occupied. We schedule ourselves so thin we can not see straight. Our working hours are not any where close 9 to 5. Then we throw in time, t-ball practice, dance lessons, neighborhood parties, and seriously who has time to unwind? It’s a chaotic mess. Political correctness lends itself to writing posts on , exercising, or even drugs.

Goal setting could be an answer. How about eating well and creating a to-do list? Get real. The though of all of this addition to my day makes me want to worry. Do you want to know what regular people, in actuality, do for comfort? They’re going back to the fundamentals of . They’re enjoying simple things like playing a game, going for a walk, or having a picnic.

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Did you know that laughing promotes comfort? How difficult is it to laugh? Numerous studies reveal that it lowers blood pressure, lightens , strengthens the immune system, and reduces . How about going shopping, watching a film, or surfing the internet? These have been dubbed “time wasters” by many. I disagree. We must have down time in our lives. We must have time that we’re doing something we like. We must have time we could “waste”.

Francamente, queremos que el tiempo tonto nos permita bajar la guardia y que el estrés se nos vaya de las manos. Necesitamos relajarnos. Si juegas al juego de la gestión del tiempo, programa sobre tu comodidad. Puedes programar un , vete o asistir o jugar a un evento deportivo. Estas son otras formas populares de reducir el estrés por parte de hombres y mujeres normales. Toma un baño de burbujas y una hora de tranquilidad. Métase en la bañera de hidromasaje después del trabajo.

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Have a glass of wine or a bowl of ice cream. Allow yourself a treat, and be sure to take the opportunity to enjoy it! Did you know having a pet can actually help you reduce stress? Research indicates that, when running a job that is stressful, people actually experienced less anxiety when their pets were using them than when a supportive friend or even their partner was present. Additionally, it has been proven that simply caressing your pet is a stress reducer. When all else fails and you are simply exhausted, choose the fantastic old-fashioned way to unwind. Lay down flat on your back, snuggle up with your pillow, and have a nap! Publishing Guidelines: Thank you for publishing this article in its entirety, including the resource box. Please make all links clickable within the text. No part of this guide may be duplicated or altered without consent.