While we like to think of ourselves as rational beings, in fact our lives are ruled by emotions. Emotions upset us, drive usintimidate usand inspire us. They move us to act or paralyze us in ansiedad y . Because of this, it’s natural to be somewhat cautious of emotions-and do what we can to prevent them or keep them at bay. Yet, due to the actual power of emotions, learning how to understand and relate to your emotions in a more conscious, intentional, and enabled way is crucial to living a life of greater peace, , achievement, enjoyment, and goal.

Emotional factor

Here are three keys to transform your emotional experience. For instance, when you emotionally respond with , anxiety, and anxiety that this causes a stress response in your body. Stress hormones take through you, inhibiting your higher brain functions, elevating your heart rate and respiration, shunting blood away from the inner organs into your limbs, and shutting down your immune system in favour of sending energy into your muscles for activity. If these conditions of anxiety persist long term, your body will start to break down. You won’t perform even the simplest functions like and digestion efficiently or effectively.

also inhibits your ability to think clearly, create solutions, and relate to others with empathy. Therefore, it’s absolutely critical that you learn how to cancel your body’s stress reaction by fostering conscious relaxation and inner peace. Whether that is by taking a break and going for a walk in , taking time for recreation with your nearest and dearest, or by studying and practicing the skills of meditation, it is absolutely crucial that you take an active part to shift your body from stress manner when powerful emotions arise. While it’s vital to learn how to calm and relax yourself, it’s just as important not to push your emotions aside.


Your emotions are an invaluable source of advice, as soon as you learn how to read their language. Within each psychological experience is a seed for increased self-awareness and higher learning. To do so, you will first have to become conscious of the specific emotion you’re feeling. This requires accepting what you’re feeling entirely, without judgment. Not always an easy job. However, see if you’re able to take a step back and just notice what you are feeling. See if you can break your sense of identification with it. To put it differently, understand your emotion as advice, not as defining who you are.

When we identify ourselves with our emotions, we’re caught up in and hauled them away. We ride the rollercoaster of emotion, which can feel frightening and out of control. Instead, see if you’re able to tag your emotion and detect it as a feeling in your body. See if you’re able to take an investigative approach. Become curious. As you do so, you might notice you could feel into your emotions without being absorbed by them. What if your life is like a lab along with your psychological experiences are the raw data? See if you can recognize patterns in the information of your feelings, understand what inspires them, and see what they’re asking you to realize, do, or conquer. When you show compassion and acceptance to yourself in your own psychological experiences, you will naturally start to accept and have empathy for others in their own emotional experiences, also.


Emotions are here in order to instruct us to move outside our little sense of ourselves to deeper love and wisdom. As you learn how to discover the meaning and purpose of your own emotions, they become messages that direct your life. While feelings include meaningful messages, they also include energy to do something. This is true for so-called “negative” emotions and “positive” ones. ANGER arises when you, or someone or something you love, is threatened and you will need to take protective actions or specify a firm boundary. arises when you will need to let go of what no longer serves you or what’s past, so it is possible to move forward. FEAR appears to prompt you to take preventative actions. pushes you toward expansive, expressive, creative activity. COMPASSION prompts you to look after others. So, every emotion has a MESSAGE and ENERGY to conduct a certain sort of action. Understanding your emotions enables you to get these messages and take those actions.