People with cancer has a body that’s quite acidic. Their pH level is far below 7.5 that is why they are ill. We’re all born alkaline, but over time we become more acidic from the foods, and drinks we consume on a daily basis. Did you know that soda has over 40 grams of in only one can?

Why is that a problem?

Unfortunately, soft drinks contain more sugar, calories, and acidity compared to our bodies needs. The American Association indicates the most amount of daily sugar consumption shouldn’t exceed 25 grams for women, and for guys 37.5 grams. When we put this stuff in our bodies, we cause our cells to become stuck together in which they are not receiving enough oxygen, that is what cause many diseases like cancer. Our cells need oxygen to break down sugar that produces the energy that our bodies needs.

To reverse this damage we’d have to become more alkaline. We ought to be at a pH level of 7.5 and keep it to live a healthy , and operate at an optimum level. Our body is water, so daily is imperative to maintaining optimum health. Since our body is about 70% water, it might make sense to drink water to flush toxins out. But we will need to drink the right kind of water.

Tenlo en cuenta.

Not all water is created equal. Tap water is contaminated with sewage, and other poisonous agents that undermine our health. Even most bottled waters are no longer than well-marketed tap water. And their filtering procedures eliminate all minerals – even the wholesome ones – you will find no additional benefits. We will need to drink water that’s clean, and free of contaminants or pollutants, and contains minerals that encourage appropriate health, and is in a really positive pH level.

Thankfully there’s such a water. This is the ideal on Earth. It has a pH level of 8.5 – 9.5. It’s delicious healthier water which filters all undesirable pollutants and contaminants within our ordinary tap water, while retaining all the essential minerals in tact. This alkaline water has the power to moisturize the body while developing a positive environment that is alkaline. It boost the , and hydrates the body in moments. It’s small molecules penetrates the blood cells in minutes to rapidly divide the cells to get more oxygen, to reverse illness.