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Erogen X Original

Jerome Lambert, 66 years old.

These caplets are of normal size and they are easy to swallow. Recommend to take one in the morning and one at night. Please note that result will come after one week where you will notice having more energy, be more focused, have more for workouts while the recovery will be faster as well.

Johnnie Cook, 43 years old.

There will be as well more action in the bedroom. This is for those over the age of 40. In addition i like that it has plenty of Boron which is the main ingredient supporting production while it as well includes other testosterone build-up supportive ingredients.

Calvin Jensen, 52 years old.
Skeptical at first but honestly after 2 weeks of usage coupled with morning at the gym and I look & feel Great, I am noticing subtle changes in my body that get me excited for the future :-). Have ordered more since bottle only has 60 caps with a recommeneded dosage of 2 caplets daily, frankly I used 1 daily and its worth it. This is doing wonders to my .
Rigoberto Parsons, 61 years old.
I’m not a big believer in testosterone supplements, but I was looking to to my routine after reading a couple studies. This product has them both, so I ordered it and am surprised with the results. I added about 15kg to my squat in the first week and I’ve been lifting for 20+ years. For me, there’s definitely a boost.
Dean Valentine, 29 years old.

Excellent supplement which helps to boost my . Love this products. Will purchase again. Thank you for the fast delivery arrangement. Waiting for more promotions.

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Alvaro Holden, 51 years old.
I am in my mid 40’s. I took 4 tablets a day according to the dosage. There was no major change, but eating before weight training had the advantage of improving . As it is a pill, it is easy to swallow, and there is no stomach discomfort. It is said to be a bestseller, but the quality seems to be good.
Sammie Nunez, 45 years old.
The quality of this product is strong. You will get your dose of testosterone right away. Size are small sized medium pills and dosage is two a day. You are going to get the benefits you are looking for with this product. Again it has no taste unless you don’t swallow then it might taste like something but I never tried. Strong product!
Hugo Horn, 58 years old.
Never give my thought about this. I ever tried 1 bottle as supplement. Didn’t feel anything. Then recently I have step up my workout regularly (can’t emphasis how important during this pandemic era and invest in my health). I do short intense with little break. I take 2 pill with meal replacement shake. I do feel it helps to improve my endurance and stamina.
Orville Hartman, 39 years old.
The dosage and quality is very benefit led for increasing testosterone.
Augustine Moses, 42 years old.
Feel a change for the better after a week of use.

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