The cold, the flu, and many other “bugs” are a big concern for a great many people in our country and all around the globe. The thing to actually bear in mind, however, when facing issues pertaining to immune system health is the inner environment. Think of bacteria, mold, viruses, and other -causing, immune system hard “creatures” as small . These seeds multiply and grow if the soil (the ) is fertile.

Take into account

In the event of your bloodstream, organs, and other vital tissues, these germs thrive in acidity, which can be created primarily by a bad . Hamburgers and French fries, pizza, chips, soda, coffee, sweets, white bread, and pre-packaged convenience foods are the biggest culprits. Keeping congruent with our soil metaphor, these foods (or “non-foods,” to be more precise ) act as a , creating super growth for several of the”demon seeds” that enter your body.

They grow and develop, taxing your immune system, eventually taking over in the kind of full-blown disease. It’s scary. And it is true. What’s even scarier is that our diets aren’t really getting any better. We’re hooked on acidic trash. Ever dieted? If so, did you find it unbelievably difficult, even impossible to give up all those bad-for-you goodies? Yeah, me too!

How much will-power will it take to break this dependence? Well, that will differ from person to person, but we need not get into that right now. As we are, in actuality, a quick-fix society, let us explore a simpler alternative to a general dietary makeover.


It is the solution! And we’re not referring to the synthetic, over-the-counter drugstore”one-a-days” which are enjoying increasing popularity. These vitamin supplements are produced in a lab, using chemical components, providing minimal nourishment, and causing harm to our bodies. You want to have an organic, super concentrated, whole- vitamin supplement. This sort of vitamin is readily known, assimilated, and used (what a concept!)

By the body, providing immediate nourishment, energy, , and general wellbeing. Moreover, it provides you with some essential alkalinity, combating the acid in your blood, and producing the dirt on your”disease garden” sterile. While a fantastic whole-food vitamin can make a remarkable difference in your life, if you have the ability to generate a dietary shift, also, you’ll be WAY ahead of the game! So definitely strive for the perfect, but bear in mind, supplementation alone can offer you AMAZING benefits!