Women face some health challenges in their future. These five supplements can help you fight or even avoid lots of those battles. The earlier you make these supplements portion of your daily regimen the more valuable they get. Most women know of the advantages and significance of , yet many still don’t take it daily.


It helps with keeping strong bones and fight the that often accompanies menopause. 1200 milligrams per day at least is recommended (no Tums will not do it for you). Magnesium is the lesser known mineral that is critical for maintaining strong bones. For calcium to be absorbed by the body and used properly it has to be taken with magnesium. Moreover, magnesium can help with sleep, calming , and battling migraines. 320 mg a day is the recommended dose.

Vitamin D

It is another vitamin on my listing. Another helper for calcium, Vitamin D also helps with bone strength. Additionally, it’s been shown to help lower von , stimulate the immune system, and might possibly be a potent inhibitor of cancer cell growth. 400 iu daily is advised. Most would probably suspect that will be on my list so no surprise.

Vitamin C

It is critical for the immune system. While touted as a potential”cure for the ” that there are a lot more advantages to taking this supplement. This awesome vitamin is also a protector of the eye, heart, , and skin. At least 500 mg daily is recommended, but up to 1500 mg can be taken to fight a cold.

Fish oil

Along with being brain food, fish oil is also very good for the heart, helping to maintain healthy levels. Additionally it is perfect for the skin and hair, which often occur during hormonal fluctuations. 500 mg up to 1000 mg a day is advised.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the study and the countless bottles staring at you in the store shelves, these supplements will provide you a fantastic foundation. Start taking them recommended doses each day. You can often find each these supplements in a daily vitamin package for girls making it effortless to make it a part of your everyday routine. Just do not forget that the sooner these supplements are started the more effective they’ll be in maintaining a .