Have you heard the saying,”As within, so without?” I will tell you a fable that can help you make sense of your health and the way things occur to make illness and disease within you and how it mirrors the pollution on the planet. Once upon a time, there was a nation. It was known as Body. It was pretty big, so over time, the people of that nation (the cells of the body) chose to elect a government that could run things (your mind).

Wussten Sie das?

The people didn’t need to do everything but they wanted to donate but they did not know how to get organized. After all, there were approximately 75 trillion of these. The authorities determined that the people needed protection from rowdies and foreign invaders so it advised a number of the citizens to be the police force (your immune system). In addition, it designated a number of the citizens to live and work in certain cities such as Liver, and Spleen.

Government also set up a transport system ( und ) so that a number of the taxpayer could have tasks to send food to all the people living in all of the cities and also to pick up all their garbage. It even arranged a ditch (kidneys and gut ) to eliminate the waste. Other people were designated to care for the phone (nervous system) and net systems (spinal cord), while others looked after medical care (spleen).

The recycling depot (liver) was set up to decrease the quantity of garbage having to be hauled to the dump. Some of the men and women who did not like the overcrowded cities preferred to live out in the nation or in small towns. They took on functions like handling the insulin gateways or amino acid generation. The authorities made each individual realize how important they were to the nation.

Bitte beachten Sie

Each citizen had a duty that was predominant for the benefit of the state (your body). The body knew what it had to do to stay healthy – it knew what it had to consume and how much to exercise. One day foreign investors began to go into the local area, creating all sorts of new foods with tempting scents and terrific tastes. The citizens of Body worked really tough to maintain their nation pristine and they took their responsibilities very seriously. Pretty soon the taxpayers of mouth began discovering excessive amounts of garbage coming to it.

They were full of fats and chemicals. Tongue citizens liked the taste of the garbage but realized that it was still crap. They did not know what to do with this huge influx of garbage. The citizens were hungry but they did not need to eat trash. The hunted frantically for some real food to feel that the hungry cells, but all they could find was emptiness. Every once in a while something green could arrive in Stomach and everybody was overjoyed. The trouble was there wasn’t enough for everybody, so the government took it.

After a while blood flow did not work very well since it had been slowly poisoned. Some citizens began to blame the citizens of Stomach, Small Intestine and Colon for the wreck that everything was in. Nobody knew what to do with the garbage so they sent it to the rural areas where the taxpayers there piled it in cells to attempt and keep away the toxins from the towns and cities. Food shortages were becoming rampant throughout Body, so some of the taxpayers did not have sufficient energy to keep working.

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Some went to sleep and some eventually expired. None of the cities had enough food to feed its citizens so some sections of the city needed to shut and still, the trash kept coming. Lots of those cities noticed that as there weren’t enough healthful citizens to operate, less and less managed to get the job done. Suddenly one day, the taxpayer noticed that foreigners were moving into body in droves. They were from a place named Microbe and they began to attack the citizens in some of the cities. The taxpayers were so weak, they could not fight the invaders fast enough. Pretty soon, the nation of Body ceased to exist. Junk and convenience foods are vacant foods and don’t have the building blocks the body needs to thrive and to grow.

People don’t understand that the body requires certain elements to remain healthy and it can only get them from whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and proteins. Sugars, trans fats, artificial colors and flavors and processed carbohydrates will slowly poison your body over time so that your body begins turbo-, becomes sick and finally suffers and dies. Not a pretty picture. In the 1920’s and we began to pollute our bodies with things our bodies could not handle. We began to smoke , we drank more and cola beverages emerged in the marketplace. With our new found love of polluting foods we twinned our efforts by polluting the environment. As our health deteriorated so did the surroundings and it’s continuing today at an alarming pace. Time to wake up and throw away the coffee, drink more water and get back to a more natural and whole foods diet until it is too late.