Cancer inflicts thousands each year. The research and medical communities have made great strides in defining how cancer begins. They’ve been effective in creating treatments that address the symptoms, slow down the development, and sometimes reverse the harm that , providing hope for a permanent cure. Many attempt to live a lifestyle which gives us a fighting chance to prevent this altogether.

One weapon that we can use as a preventative step is meditation. Our bodies are equipped with a natural defense system to fight off invading cells which cause damage to our general . This is the job of our . Emerging studies are showing that meditation can enhance your immune system. When working correctly, our immune system enables the cells in our body to perform at optimum levels and maintain the “bugs” that we experience daily from making us ill.

In actuality, when thousands receive their flu shots each year, they’re now being injected with a influenza virus so the immune system learns how to manage it. It’s like boot camp for those cells! It makes sense to do whatever you can to make certain that your immune system has the resources to do its job.

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One way is to make certain you are eating various foods that provide all the nutrients required to keep healthy. This variety includes colorful fruits and vegetables, fiber, a good dose of selenium and other minerals, and lots of water. Medical research supports healthy eating habits. Meditation is another tool which you can increase your healthy living to control anxiety. Stress tends to weaken the immune system. So, additionally, it makes sense to do what you can to minimize the amount of stress in your life.

Many believe that they have very little control over stress. While there might be some situations which come up when you do not anticipate them, and these unexpected events make you feel stressed you still have the chance to confront these challenges in a fashion that could keep your immune system intact. This can be through daily meditation. Imagine if you’re the parent of a teen, using an unpleasant confrontation with your child over their homework, , drugs, driving, rules, boundaries, or any number of different issues that come with .

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This confrontation may cause your heart to beat faster and your blood to rise. Then to top it all off, get on the freeway and drive through traffic for your next destination or destination in time! No wonder most individuals believe they have no control over the quantity of stress in their lives. But you do. You might not be able to control the situation, but you can control how you react to it.

Through a constant practice of meditation, you can train your mind to react to normal, regular, crazy events using a relaxed reaction rather than one which will throw your body into a state of mind that sets your survival instincts in movement. Simply using one of the numerous forms of meditation, such as Breathing Meditation or the popular Transcendental Meditation, can alter your reaction and quite possibly change your results. When you’re constantly working in”survival mode”, the result is overall fatigue; exhaustion results in stress; stress contributes to a breakdown in your immune system. Remember, it’s your immune system that’s very important to giving your body a fighting chance to prevent cancer. Dawn Damico has been dubbed the”Research Diva” by business and individual clients who’ve sought her input on a large number of projects.