especially type 2 diabetes is quickly becoming a significant health concern in just about all countries of the world, both developed as well as developing. This isn’t in any way helped by the rapid rise in the amount of overweight and obese folks. The worrisome aspect of this disorder is that it’s believed to have no treatment. This means your doctor must handle you with this disorder for life.

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However, recent research findings have proved otherwise. There’s indeed a type two diabetes cure. Diabetes also known as Diabetes Mellitus(DM) is a metabolic disorder. By , we’re referring to how our bodies use the that we eat for energy and other physiological functions. The foods we eat are comprised of distinct food courses, the significant ones being carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The minor ones are and vitamins. In the digestive tract, the carbs (carbohydrates for short) are broken down into a simple sugar called .

This glucose is the major fuel that the body burns for energy. In actuality, it’s the only fuel that our brains can use for energy, unlike our muscles which may also receive their energy supplies by burning fatty acids obtained from the breakdown of fats. From the digestive tract, the sugar is quickly absorbed into the blood stream resulting in a rapid increase in blood sugar.

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When this occurs, a signal is transmitted by the mind into an organ called the pancreas to release a called insulin, whose primary purpose is to cause the extra glucose to be taken up from the body cells especially the and muscle cells where it is converted into glycogen and stored for future use. A substantial amount is consumed by the fat cells where it is converted into fat and stored. In individuals suffering from diabetes, it’s either the pancreas produces little or no insulin or the body cells don’t respond satisfactorily to the insulin that is produced.

When this happens, sugar accumulates in the blood flow and some of it is lost in the urine. Diabetes is of three types namely: type 1, type 2 and diabetes in pregnancy.

Type 1 is called insulin dependent diabetes mellitus(IDDM). This is an autoimmune disorder where the body’s natural defence system is fighting against itself. For some reason, the body’s defence system also referred to as the immune system finds that the group of cells that produce insulin in the pancreas as foreign to the body and creates biologic substances called antibodies from those cells and destroys them.

The pancreas will consequently produce little if any insulin. Patients in this class will need to receive daily injections of insulin to live a normal life. Five to ten percent of diabetes cases are type 1 in the US. Type 2 diabetes constitutes over 90 percent of cases of diabetes worldwide. Here it’s either the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin or the body cells don’t respond to the existence of insulin-a condition called .