There is increasing interest in nutrition, healthy diets and taking a natural supplement and talks often include mention of the purpose of the immune system. The well-being of the human body is very much determined by the health of the immune system, that’s the body’s most important defence against . Increasingly specialists are realising that many illnesses are defeated by the immune system before we are even aware of it.

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It’s quite possible that some cancers are defeated by the body with no play in any way. Like most of the functions of the human body, the immune system functions better when we have the perfect nourishment from our diet or natural diet supplement. What elements should we guarantee we have to possess the best performing immune system? Probably the material associated with defence is vitamin C.

This is the vitamin most frequently credited with combating the common cold amongst other ailments. Actually vitamin C is extremely useful because it’s important in the production of antibodies and white blood cells, the first defence against and illness. Interestingly and less well-known is how vitamin C encourages the creation of a chemical called interferon. Interferon, as its name implies, covers the exterior of cells and interferes with the effects of viruses.

HDL cholesterol

The amounts of the good HDL cholesterol have been encouraged via this vitamin and this prevents the forming of fat from the arteries and thus discouraging cardiovascular issues. Evidence is growing to state that vitamin C can also combat some of the most frequent cancers like colon, prostate and breast . The immune system deteriorates with age but this may be offset by using vitamin E.

It encourages those cells which defend against cancer cells, germs, and bacteria that are harmful. Another set of nourishment now getting more publicity would be the Omega-3 fatty acids. However not that many people really understand their advantages. Actually they promote phagocytes, the white blood cells at the end of the battle with bacteria that are damaging. Your grandmother knew this (although probably not in these terms) which was why her creation took those dreadful doses of cod liver oil.

Good fats

We take the more palatable Omega-3 natural diet supplement. The production of white blood cells can also be encouraged by the presence of zinc, which can be key in the production of antibodies and other tissues important from the defences against cancer. Older people frequently suffer from a decrease in levels of zinc, which contributes to a diminished immune system. Some recent evidence points to the ability of zinc to decrease disease but there is still some uncertainty about this as yet.

When choosing a natural diet supplement containing zinc it’s sensible to be a bit careful as too much of the mineral might actually inhibit the immune system. are nutrients found in plants and are necessary to the fantastic use of the human body. Bioflavenoids are a group of phytonutrients which are particularly great for the immune system. They protect the cell membranes from damaging pollutants from the environment by coating the surface so that any poisonous elements are not able to get access.These phytonutrients are also quite helpful in preventing fat from the arteries and reducing clots. There’s another set of nutrients that help the operation of the immune system and these are carotenoids.

The most famous carotenoid is beta-carotene and this assists in the creation of these cells used to fight infection in addition to promoting the reduction of fat and bad cholesterol from the blood vessels. This prevents the incidence of heart attacks and strokes. Beta-carotene promotes the production of macrophages, which specifically attack cancer cells. Vitamin A is constructed from beta-carotene so also boosts the immune system and fights cancers.

In theory one can overdose from vitamin A but, as the body produces vitamin A and only in the quantities it needs, this is unlikely in practice. It’s clear that the immune system is maintained by a complex set of nutrients and these ought to be preserved if we are to enjoy good health. As always this should be achieved through a healthy balanced diet but this isn’t always possible so a fantastic natural diet supplement is needed.