Losing weight is on the mind of a good deal of Americans and it’s a really heavy burden. By definition, losing weight is related to reduction, but the reduction involves a lot more than the shedding of unwanted pounds. Perception has it that you also have to suffer the loss of eating pleasure, eating comfort and a particular social pleasure.

Losing weight

The negative associations of losing weight are legion: abstinence, torture and deprivation, failure, guilt and the imagined prospect of being on a diet for the rest of your life. A heavy burden indeed! It’s clear that many people just give up. And yet in their resignation they find neither peace nor happiness. Often when things are not working, it’s helpful to look at them from the inside out. A different viewpoint usually contributes to a fresh understanding which in turn may cause a new and improved approach, higher motivation and increased confidence.

Consider that maybe your real goal shouldn’t be weight loss but the much wider and more significant goal of good . Remember, and decent health cannot co-exist. Also, it’s extremely easy to be lean, unfit and unhealthy. It’s a lot more positive and uplifting to pursue a objective of and energy than to reside in a mindset of lack and suffering. As contradictory as it seems, the best way to losing weight is to “grow” your body lean, strong and healthy.

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To understand this better, compare various methods of approaching the previous standards of diet and exercise. Eat to grow powerful, build your immune system and . Eating well is as essential to life as . The traditional way of losing weight is to limit calories, place yourself into starvation mode and force your body to scavenge its fat reserves. Although unpleasant, this seems to make sense until you recall the basic purpose behind eating.

Food supplies the building blocks for growth and tissue repair, provides fuel for energy and minerals and vitamins as catalysts and to enhance the immune system. Don’t forget cool, clear water, the medium in which these miracles happen. If the standard of food is great, there isn’t anything you can cut out in the event that you would like to live and flourish.

Dieting alternative

The alternative to dieting would be to adopt a style of eating that is rich but not dense. Coincidentally, the foods that fulfill the first requirement also fill the second. Additionally, they are tasty, filling and allow eating satisfaction without putting on the weight. These include lean meats, fish, non-starchy veggies and fruit. This isn’t a”low-carb diet” but grains are limited because they pack too many calories and, when compared with non-starchy vegetables, are lightweights from the fiber and nutrient section.

If you don’t know you have the nutritional background, I suggest that you consult with a dietitian. In a couple of sessions that they can help you make a satisfying plan which meets the requirements above. Then get ready to flourish as you eat well, get lean and grow strong. Get going, not to burn calories, but to”increase” your lungs and heart, build some muscle, stimulate your immune system, improve bone density, relax, improve your attitude and have more fun in life.


The conventional approach to exercise and losing weight is “cardio”, often for extended periods, indoors on a system. There are gyms, courses and programs and though they get the job done if you stay with it, it is a chore and it appears to take plenty of sweat to get rid of a little weight. Physical activity is natural to humanity; for our ancestors it was inevitable; as kids we called it perform. Now that we’re older there is not any reason to be bodily sloths. Because we are “civilized” does not imply that our only physical action needs become a monotonous, artificial method to lose weight quicker.

Walk whenever and wherever you can. Look around and enjoy your environment. Get off the couch. Plan week-end excursions, to scenic destinations, that involve walking and climbing hills. Shoot your TV. If you can not bring yourself to do that, at least be very selective of what you watch. This villain wastes your body and numbs your mind. Go out and use a rake to rake leaves and a walking mower to cut the grass.


Breathe deeply, feel your heart, enjoy the motion of the body. Know that you’re growing stronger. Take a shower, rinse off the sweat and feel good. If you work in a desk, then elevate it so you can work standing up. Have a tall stool available for when you must sit. Take a fast walk many times a day. This will clear your mind and boost your productivity. You have the general idea. You’re moving away from and imposed duty to engage life fully, with energy and energy. If you’re like most people, you’ll discover that you’re also growing character and self-mastery.