Throughout human the can recognize and attack aberrant cells that if not contained eventually become cancerous. The method of attack is to use free radicals, free electrons with a negative charge, and they’re brought to the aberrant cells that have a positive outer cell membrane fee. The free radicals are effective at destroying the cancer cells and detain any additional development of new cancer cells.


It’s not the practice of a couple of cancer cells which are deadly to humans but it’s the practice of uncontrolled replication, use of available nutrients obtained through the blood supply and the elimination of waste in the fast growing cancer cells. By assessing the development the process we know as cancer is prevented and that’s the normal course of life for most people.

For reasons still unknown it seems the aberrant cells grow into new cells that the immune system can’t find and attack. The mechanism of doing so is a change of polarity on the outer cell wall membrane from a positive potential to a negative possibility. In physics we know that like charges repel and unlike charges attract. The easy analogy is placing two bar magnets together and if opposite ends they draw and bind, if same endings (north pole/north rod ) then they repel or push off.

Electromagnetic forces

The electromagnetic forces of the positive and negative polarities of the end of the bar determine the course of action. Over time, possibly through development of survival from pre-, the reversal of polarity from positive to negative prevents the immune system from attacking and destroying consequently cells become cancerous and death and result. It appears reasonable that if you can use external electric devices of particular polarities and strengths then a few of those cells may be invisibly or removed from the body by physical stimulation using electrotherapy.

Electrical apparatus can maintain continuous negative or positive charges, or may alternate those fees between polarities. The continuous charge can be harmful and lead to tissue damage in certain situations however the more common and possibly most curative is to heartbeat, or burst, the fees interrupting the cell wall membrane polarity.