Es gibt unzählige attraktive und farbenfrohe Blumen auf unserem Planeten. Einige schmücken ihre Innenräume mit Blumen, nur um die Attraktivität des Hauses zu erhöhen, während andere die Blumen in ihrem Garten halten, ohne sie zu pflücken. Ich liebe sie wegen ihrer vielseitigen Verwendungsmöglichkeiten: Sie verbreiten ihren Duft, einige werden zur Farbgewinnung verwendet und andere werden wegen ihrer heilenden Wirkung eingesetzt.


It is one of the most gorgeous flowers with usefulness. It arouses the spirit of love in mind and heart. Every morning my mom picks up the petals of this rose flower sprinkled on the green grass and place them carefully in her little basket. She then wash them with clean and keep aside to allow all of the water dry out of the petals. A clean jar is stored from the sun to dry and place all of the petals from the jar along with a generous quantity of sugar mixed in. This method continues every day until the jar is filled completely.

Frische Blütenblätter werden hinzugefügt, und das Glas wird 30 Tage lang dem Sonnenlicht ausgesetzt, bis sich der Zucker in Sirup verwandelt. Daraus entsteht Rosenmarmelade, eine sehr sanfte und kühlende Kombination, die gut für den Bauch und die Augen ist. Meine Mutter hat eine große Vorliebe für Rosenblüten und deren Blütenblätter. Sie wählt jedes Blütenblatt aus und verwendet es für Schönheitstherapien und Hausmittel. Sie ist im Badewasser für Aroma und Frische.


The Rose Water has many advantages it may be applied to the for cleansing purposes, few drops in eye to increase the , to blend in the facial pack, also utilized in the meals and desserts; it is popular for the beauty therapy. Rose gets the essentials of soothing and cooling effect, it satisfies all types of skin, it’s also utilized in cooking to improve the taste of the food and the odor increases the temptation in almost any dessert. The bees get the nectar from the flower and the honey got from this really is a lot enjoyed by everybody.

The flower is used as a hair accomplice that raises the attractiveness of the female. Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, and Soup and brewed for tea, chiefly because of their high C content are most widely used product created by Rose. They’re pressed and filtered to create the rose hip syrup; they can also be utilised to create rose hip seed oil, which can be used for skin goods and some cosmetic item.

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The rosewater has quite a predominant flavor and can be used often in candy. In the Indian subcontinent, Rooh Afza a concentrated skillet employed in the majority of the frozen dessert such as ice-cream or kulfi. Rose hip is the small source of vitamin c, chiefly used as herbal, folk and traditional medicines. Rose perfumes are made from rose oil. Rose water is used for cooking, cosmetic, medicine and spiritual practices. It’s used to trigger the , increase the desire and the circulations.

The herbal tea made from rose petals are given for a menstrual difficulty, breast pain and soothes a restive fetus. As a result of elevated vitamin c content its nutritional supplement herbal tea prevents cold and influenza and increases the immune system. The rosewater is used as an eye wash and also to wash the skin, it reduces acne and skin irritation, can be utilised as the base of their face bunch. The herbal tea prevents the dryness of mouth. This essential oil is used as Aroma-therapy for and anxiety. This oil may be used for message purpose to relief and pain and soothes nerve.