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Garret Sweeney, 33 years old.

Gives that boost needed.

Maynard Rios, 43 years old.

Definitely know it’s working because I stopped taking pre- 4 days into taking the supplement. I had to because I was so hyped up and was lifting too heavy with crazy volume. Sounds good and all but also stupid. Getting off the preworkout and staying on this has me lifting heavier and I can push through a lot more. I train smart with this and follow the rules and directions. I’m on and off coffee in the mornings as well. It’s been two weeks so far but I’ll cycle off of this eventually. Too much of a good thing can’t be good, right? All in all – I love this product, told my buds about it, and will get it in the future. Hopefully they don’t secretly change ingredients to cut corners and make more money. Good luck everyone. Shoot me a message for a one on one if you want.

Jamel Herrera, 34 years old. 
I tried a lot of other brands with similar ingredients breaking them down when needed but it seems like there is some quality in Force Factor products. Keep in mind it needs to be consistently taken along with excre code to get results. For me the 3rd day proved it works.
Jose Cowan, 29 years old.
Feels like a step up from Eroxel, some advice, is see how you handle it before going all out. Otherwise it’s a crazy awesome product. No lie, Eroxel has some great stuff. Never been harder in my life.

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Eroxel Original

Stefan Campos, 42 years old.

I have a difficult time staying awake (chronic fatigue) and I don’t drink coffee (never had any). I would take frequent car naps at work. I tried this supplement and wow… it gave me a lot of . I think some of the people complaining may be desensitized to the effects of caffeine, but because I have never had any coffee then the effects were much more potent for me.

Brandon Bailey, 54 years old.
I noticed a boost in sex drive but only after about a week of getting it into my system. Make sure you take with food and otherwise you will definitely have that jittery shaky feeling. I’m going to order more asap.
Fausto Stafford, 22 years old.
I have tried everything!! This product works. Nothing else to say. It Works. Make you feel great, Burns fat, and everything else it says!!!
Joseph Harrison, 54 years old.
With a combination of a healthy diet and , it definitely works. I will continue to order it. Great product and a great price.
Antione Barton, 35 years old.
It took about a week of taking it but wow! it kicks in and bam!, I totally recommend it. I thank you and my wife thanks you too.
Wilbur Osborne, 47 years old.
Provides easy way to stay awake without dehydration. Improves confidence in the bedroom. Improves long term staminia.

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