Diets are bunk. Yes, that’s right, I said it. Yet, diets are still the most popular way to lose fat for millions. Why is this? Because diets don’t solve weight problems. They are a temporary solution. They can be frustrating and expensive, leading to deprivation and rebound binging. You’ll find that diets are by nature doomed to failure if you look closely. The whole idea behind diets is flawed. People believe they can by starving themselves. You and I both know what happens. After weeks of starving yourself, the pressure to eat your comfort food becomes too much and you end up binging. Soon you are elbow deep in half a gallon of fudge rippled ice cream again.


Binge, restrict, binge, and then binge some more. This is why it’s called yo yo ! This is what the weight loss industry knows. In fact, yo yo dieters are their cash cows. Each year, the major weight loss franchises make billions from repeat customers and sales of diet aids and packaged foods. Why is it that the most popular weight loss franchise offers a “lifetime” membership? They know that diets won’t solve your problem and that you will likely need to diet again. Their lifetime memberships are very popular because dieters know they don’t have the skills to maintain their weight loss for the long-term.

This is how it works: You might think this way: If your mechanic only fixed your car temporarily and you had to take it back over and over again for the same service, would you not fire him and find another mechanic? One who could solve your problem. People don’t realize that there is a better way. That’s why diets are so popular. They believe that a diet will solve their problems.


My experience is that yo-yo diets do not solve any problems. My own weight loss journey taught me that no diet, pill or supplement would ever help me become and stay thin. As someone who was once obese, I realized that thin people think, behave and act in a completely different way than me. I was determined to find their secret. If I wanted to change my body and my life for the better, I had to change my mindset, attitude, and emotions. It turns out that thin and people think differently from one another.

Overweight people are more alike than they seem. They are often foodies who enjoy cooking, baking, and collecting recipes. They often consider food to be their primary pleasure, if not THE most important. They will complain loudly if you take their cookies, ice creams, pastas, or chips away. They believe that life would be impossible without their favorite foods. You won’t believe me if you look at the Facebook pages for major weight loss companies. There are many posts from people looking for low-calorie recipes for brownies or finding out how many points are in a slice meat lover’s double deluxe pie.

Y-Yo Effect

These yo-yo dieters, who have been living a life of yo-yo for a long time, are just trying to find legal ways to get their fix while waiting for another god-forsaken diet. All this can be said because I was overweight for most of my lives. But I am not a quitter and I feel compelled to find truth in all situations. My weight problems were no exception. I had tried every low-fat, high-cal, and low carb diet possible over the past 25 years without success. I finally decided to lose weight. I researched every alternative and holistic healing method available, until I found the best.

Energy , also known as tapping or EFT, is a -body method of healing that allows people to quickly change their thoughts and emotions. It’s as easy as acupuncture and uses the same pressure points and energy meridians that acupuncturists use for over two thousand years. I was able, using energy psychology and my own introspection to quickly identify and release the emotions that caused my emotional eating behavior, my desire for comfort food, as well as my dislike for exercise.

It allowed me to accomplish in just a few weeks what was impossible for me for more than 25 years. It helped me change my mindset and my lifestyle so that I could finally reach my permanent weight loss goal, 55 lbs. It was amazing how much easier it was for me to lose weight once the voices in my head that screamed for and chips were silenced. It takes courage to look at your life and identify the reasons you eat too much and avoid exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone can have that kind of courage.


When we think about new year’s resolutions for dieting, I challenge us to go boldly where no dieter has gone before. I challenge you to examine your beliefs and emotions about food and exercise and to make a final effort to change them. These insights will be your key to shedding weight. It is insane to attempt diets. Nobody has ever lost weight by following a diet. Permanent weight loss can only be achieved by changing your lifestyle. Making an internal change is the key to lasting weight loss success. You can change your mind and your body.