Chester Morrow, 56 years old.

I’ve used this stuff off an on a few times now. I can say with confidence that it actually works! Although the ingredients are common knowledge and well known, they are definitely doing something. Within a week, I noticed that my energy levels were higher and I experienced less of that sluggish throughout the day. My workouts felt better, I recovered quicker and no longer felt the need for a nap every day. This is the first time in years where I feel like there’s a mental clarity that wasn’t there before – almost like someone turned on the lights in a dark room!

Raul Munoz, 63 years old.

It will maintain your normal testosterone levels due to really hard working and help you recover fast, not boosting your testosterone level above normal level, it’s not steroid. If you just play your cell phone or got no idea what’s going on in the gym, it will do nothing for you.

Alfonso Stark, 51 years old.
I switched to this product after my other brand stopped selling. I’m 63 and my testosterone level is nearly 1000. This is a great make you feel good overall (physically) and with increased energy makes for a good day overall. Two in the morning and I feel good all day.
Dustin Allison, 49 years old.
I bought this product after reading many reviews, i train at the gym regulary, and i immediately felt the difference. more energy through the day, more reps, and feels very well alive. the capsuls vs price ratio isn’t great though. consult with your physician before thaking this supplement, there coule be side effects you should consider before taking it.
Gaylord Ford, 67 years old.

Great quality product. Having all natural ingredients it gives awesome benefits when with out having to take something illegal or synthesized. That tablets size are very small and theirs really no taste to them, so they could probably doube it and change the dosage to. 2 pills rather than 4 a day. other than I would definitely recommend this.

Gail Mccormick, 57 years old.
After using it for two weeks, I feel more energetic to run and lift! If you are following a specific (low , keto, etc.), remember to eat sufficiently as the product is really strong and might not give you the desired result due to the differences in immune system from one person to another.
Owen Santiago, 54 years old.
I have to say the tablets go easy on you. Easy to swallow it with water. Keeps me focused, in the gym I am finally able to stay alert and continue to the extra reps. Its only day 5 for me and I feel active. On another note , it does makes you feel sleepy at night, even though i take my tablets for breakfast and lunch.
Kasey Ferguson, 45 years old.
The best testosterone effect I’ve ever felt. Good quality with regular serving in the morning and evening shows results in a short time. I take this in combination with Tribulus extreme and I think it’s a great combination.
Richie Willis, 35 years old.
I’ve been taking it for past 5 days, slightly improve in strength and muscle benefit. Downside is feeling more ‘heaty’ and have to hydrate myself more often. overall good quality and pill size easy to bit into half and swallow.
Maynard Long, 48 years old.
it was great! I used it every day! Size is a little bit big but it would not annoyed. Dosage is ok, taste is not great but not bad. Quality is great! I enjoyed it. Ingredient – no comment. Benefit from it.